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Meet vicki

Our mission was to create a place where small business could thrive. Small businesses are the lifeblood of a community. They are the places where people gather, connect, and share their stories. These are the places where it’s true that somebody in the building “knows” everybody…and lucky for us we also have that person who knows “everybody else”! You’re never a stranger, we love to connect with our vendors and our customers. Knowing our people helps us get the best out of our vendors for their benefit and to the benefit of our customers. We wanted to work with people who knew the value of coming together and working toward a common goal. We are blessed to have over 50 vendors with us that understand that and know that we aren’t individuals working for ourselves, but we are a community that knows, together we are all better and stronger and we work for EVERYONE! We never expected our store to grow so fast, it was always a running joke between my husband and myself that we would have our own little mini Wall Drug in Miles City. To expand into 5 original Miles City storefronts was never in the original plan…but as we all know the Lord has other ideas sometimes. We are blessed to have the support of our families, friends, community, and the best vendors and customers – EVER!! We have no words that aren’t just gooey…but we truly feel like we have the best jobs in the world, and we can’t be more grateful to be surrounded by all these wonderful people – the Lord has truly blessed us and we try to honor Him every day!

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